Digital Kit for freelancers and SMEs
Up to € 12,000 in finalcial support

What requirements do I need to order the Digital Kit?

Self-diagnosis test

Companies must complete a digital self-diagnosis test that assesses the "digital maturity" of the company or independent professional that requests them

Company size

To be considered a small company or micro-company in accordance with the provisions of Annex I of Regulation (EU) no. 651/2014 of the Commission, of June 17, 2014.

Registration in the employers' register

Be registered in the Census of entrepreneurs, professionals and withholding agents of the State Tax Administration Agency or the equivalent census of the Regional Tax Administration, which must reflect the economic activity effectively carried out on the date of application of the help, and have the minimum seniority established in the calls.

Fiscal requirements

Be aware of tax obligations and Social Security.

Sí soc autònom tinc dreta al Kit Digital?

Si ets autònom també tens dret a demanar el teu bo digital.

We have your Digital Kit

What Digital Kit solutions can we offer you at somPlatadorma

Up to € 2000 in subsidies

We design a website specifically adapted to the circumstances of your SME, which takes care of all the latest developments in the sector and designed so that you can begin to maximize your brand image. Gain visibility, promote your products and services and put yourself in front of your competition with an updated and functional platform.

Online shops
Up to € 2000 in subsidies

Expand your audience beyond Catalonia and start selling on the Internet. We create a personalized and tailored e-commerce, focused on achieving the results you want and all the essential professional functions to manage your products, orders, sales or customers. Access people from anywhere in the world, at any time, at a lower cost and start growing.

Advanced internet presence
Up to € 2000 in subsidies

Place your business at the top of the search engines: increase the traffic of visits and the acquisition of new customers with the best SEO strategy.

Up to € 2000 in subsidies

Get maximum visibility for your products on the most competitive marketplace platforms.

Is my company eligible to order the DIGITAL KIT?
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Table of subsidies

Subsidized amounts

Solutions From 1 to 2 Workers From 3 to 9 Workers From 10 to 49 Workers
Website and internet presence € 2000 € 2000 € 2000
Electronic commerce € 2000 € 2000 € 2000
Management of social networks € 2000 € 2400 € 2500
Customer management € 2000 € 2000 € 4000
Business Intelligence and Analytics € 1500 € 2000 € 4000
Virtual Office services and tools € 500 € 2500 € 12000
Process management € 500 € 2000 € 6000
Electronic invoice € 500 € 1000 € 1000
Secure communications € 250 € 1125 € 6000
Cyber security € 250 € 1125 € 6000
Marketplace € 2000 € 2000 € 2000
Advanced Internet presence € 2000 € 2000 € 2000
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